“The Confidence Game” book comment: why we fall fro it every time and know what can we do

We all heard this words ”Trick or treat”, but even you have the kindness, you still be tricked sometimes.
Since the beginning of mankind, this world has been divided into cheaters and victims at both ends of the scale.
Why are people lying? Why are people being cheated? The writer of this book “The Confidence Game” told us 3 reasons why you got to be cheated easily.

1. Trust
“Trust” is the human nature, like babies need trust their parents no reasons until they grow up or they can’t live on their own, and this feeling will follow you growing up.
That feeling sounds good, we all know trust will help the society to integrate more closely, but the trick is “the cheater will use this emotional need to cheat you easily.”
2. High machs
The cheater has 3 traits: psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism.
Easy to know about the psychopathy is that the person has no empathy, he doesn’t care about anyone or anything around him but only cares about himself.
This type of person also very cold even if he wants to get something but need to kill one baby, he will do that with no feeling.
The narcissistic people always thinking they are correct and others are stupid, and they always do the right thing even this thing is a crime.
Then what is Machiavellianism? A series of tendencies to manipulate others to achieve their own benefits.
There is one famous scientific research “Machiavelli scale” found that if the high machs and low machs in the same space, the high one always get more advantage than the low one.
3. Emotional fluctuation
No matter you are a rational or calm person; No matter how much you think twice before you go, just when your mood is fluctuating, whether positive or negative, that you will become easy to need people to stay with to “share” your emotion.
Just at this time, the cheater will appear in front of you. Yes! The cheater has been watching you for a while until this moment that you are more vulnerable, the cheater will be easier to get your trust.

When we look at the above three points, we will find the truth: “As long as people are likely to encounter the above situation.”
What can we do? Can we only wait to be slaughtered?
Fortunately, the book also mentions how to establish a prevention mechanism to prevent being deceived.
1. Set the limit principle.
When the new chance coming, you must first try carefully and observe. Remember don’t all in at the first time, not only money but also feeling, and only make a reasonable range.
2. Report mechanism
Find your parents or friends those you trusted and be more experienced or professional than you; when you want to do any big investments or transitions, seek their advice first or when you want to enter a new place, set the time limit like 30 minutes, If you exceed the time you set, contact you as soon as possible or go in and take you away.

I think that through this book, not talk to us don’t trust anyone anymore, but teach us why we fall for it every time, that we can understand that those people we can trust and stay away from the others that want to influence us to enter the confidence game.

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