C1-ice breaker: Opportunity favors the prepared mind.

Have you ever got a job while you are taking MRT?

I did. 

15 years ago, I just graduated from college and was looking for a job. After passing the written test, I started a series of interviews. Different from others, I reviewed my performance after each interview and modified. This made my performance become better on next time. Also, I always brought several hot copies of my resume, just in case I needed it.

One day, my mother and I took the MRT home after a interview. As usual, I started to review my performance and discussed with my mom how to be better. We had a lively discussion for a while. Suddenly, A lady, who sat next to us, asked me: “Are you looking for a job?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Our bank is just looking for someone. Are you interested in working in our bank?”

“Yes, it is my pleasure.”

Then, I gave her my resume immediately

Of course, I not only received the interview notice soon but also got a position in the bank. If I didn’t review my performance or bring my resume on that day, this offer might slip by or harder to get. At that time, I realized opportunity favors the prepared mind.

After working for a while, I found if I had wanted a better position, I needed to improve myself. Therefore, I resigned and studied for MBA.

From MBA, I learned that data collection was as important as good skills. After I got MBA degree, I worked for another bank. I kept collecting those data and information which was related to my work at odd moments. 

One day, I saw a man walked in our bank. I recognized he was our new chairman; I saw him on newspaper just few days ago. I approached him and said good morning.

 Guess what? I was promoted to be his assistant because he was impressed by my attitude! 

At the time, I didn’t expect “saying hello” would change my life. If I hadn’t collected information, I wouldn’t recognize the boss.

Don’t mention, I would get the promotion after a simple “Hello” Since then, I hold firm that opportunity favors the prepared mind.

Being an assistant was not the end of my career. I kept improving myself. I observed my supervisor, put myself in his position and imaged what I should do. Not for long, I started to host some important events and became famous. People are actively hiring me to host. It is my turning point. My professional hosting journey has been for 9 years.  

Surprised, right! The plan always can not catch up with the change. You never know what will be next. However, there is no wrong to make yourself get ready. Every step seems small, but every step counts! Remember, opportunity favors the prepared mind.